Monday, December 7, 2009

How could they?

This dog the best dog we ever had. And we have had many dogs.
Sunday, Dec. 6th...he was brutally shot by a neighbor. These peoples' kids used to come over and play with him. My son went to their house and he followed. They obvioulsy didn't see him as a threat. They said that he was gonna get under their house. He was shot in the middle of his stomach at the belly button. Twice. He obvioulsy was in rolled over in submission, which was something he did sometimes. He ran all the way home, down our long drive way and my daughter saw him fall over. I went out and and saw him trying to take his last breath. That image is sketched in my head forever.
If I shot every dog that comes into my yard, it would be a pet cemetary out here.
Jagir (yay-ger) was such a sweet kind dog. He never hurt anyone. This didn't have to happen. He would run in the house as fast as he could when he heard ppl target practicing. He was terrified of guns. These ppl knew that also. All they had to do was shoot into the air or yell at him, he would have came home.
He was my kids' best friend, our protecter when my husband was at work, at least we felt like we was. We always said, "If a stranger just brought him a hotdog, he would let them in".
My heart is crumbling into peices. I will never get over this. How could they?