Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Past, the Present and the Future...

I have this feeling deep down inside me, the feeling of being able to rise above what life has offered me and forced me to use to the best of my ability....
I was always a vibrant and ambitous young lady. I had dreams, goals, expectations, and courage to meet them all. I was a young mother and wife with the strength of an ox.
I decided in my young years that my family was complete. I had 6 of the most wonderful brave kids in the world. I had in my future a long happy life with the prospect of becoming a successful Child Psychologist. I was on the road to fullfilling my dreams to make my children proud and want for nothing.
I have always been reasonable in the desires of our lives. Just to be able to live, exsperience and conqure.
In a flash, it was stripped away. I had completed my family and wanted to move on and grow together. For some reason, my hand changed before my eyes.
I had a tubal ligation that changed our lives forever. Who knew that my dreams would soon change in an instant?
Now I dream to be pain free. I dream for my kids to know a mother of greater health. I dream for my husband to have a wife he can call his equal. My dreams are just dreams.
I wake to decide that I am the one to make them come true. Some of them, I mean. I live through my kids, when I watch them living, playing, dancing....
I see my husband greatfully proud of what he has with me.
I found a way to make all my dreams come true in a different light.
I found a way to live.


  1. Sis,

    You are an amazing Mother, Sister and Friend. I am so thankful, grateful and just pain Full because I can call you my sister!!! i Love you!

  2. Thank you Sherrie...I love you too. Proud for you to call me your sister!

  3. You are a remarkable young woman to have such a positive attitude, strength and courage in the presence of living with the near unbearable pain of RSD. I look forward to more of your posts.

  4. Your blog is so visually beautiful ... and your writing is so eloquently inspirational. You're an awesome woman, Conni ... it's a true honor to have you as a friend. Warmest Hugs, -Vee.

  5. Vee,thank you so much!
    I am sorry, some how I just now saw that you you have a blog, I would like to follow if so. Thanks to you and take care always my friend.